This page contains links to examples of how some of our students have applied video and image processing in their semester projects.

The projects are chosen from different educations and different semesters in order to provide some variety.

Title: iFloor - An Interactive Floor Game in an Educational Environment
Ulrik Boisen, Anders J. Hansen, Lars Knudsen and Søren L. Pedersen

Title: Automated Human Identification
Michael B. Koldsgaard, Rune Madsen, Chriatian S. Oxvig and Patric S. Pedersen

Title: Achieving visual dominance in a motion-­controlled game
Authors: Milei B. Minamishima, David J.H. Pedersen, Mathias E. Mortensen and Anders G. Paludan

Title: Extraction and Classification of Regions in Letters
Jacob Buhl, Thomas Ægiduissen Jensen, Brian Astrup and Henrik A. Rasmussen

Title: Atheus - A Game Including Image processing
Camila H. Larsen, Jacob J. Larsen, David S. Lauritsen and Niklas A. Rasmussen

Title: Project LARA - Lazy Artist's Robot Arm
Allan Christensen, Anders Pedersen, Andreas Pedersen, Simon Pedersen, Sune Andersen and Walther Jensen

Title: Biometric Identification using Hand Vein Patterns
Claire Petitimbert, Marion Distler, Niels G. Myrtue and Sebastian N. Jensen

Title: Motion Parallax through Computer Vision
Authors: Jannik Jepsen, Kasper Boisen, Morten Kristensen, Martin Skytte, Daniel Petersen, Sandra Dögg and Allan Koudal

Title: Automatic Annotation of Humans in Surveillance Video Recordings
Jens R. Andersen, Paul T. Duizer, Dennis M. Hansen and Bjarne K. Mortensen

Title: Table of Light
Authors: Asser Dueholm, Lasse Knudsen, Jesse Martens, David Tejlbjerg, Joachim R. Laustsen, Jeppe Sølling and Jesper M. Staude

Title: Automated Speed Limit Sign Recognition
Andreas Møgelmose, Lars Christensen and Martin Bünger